The CO2 EOR industry is growing rapidly, and Melzer Consulting is one of the premier CO2 consultants in the world today. Their geographical base is Midland, Texas, headquarters city of the Permian Basin and home to 60% of the world’s active CO2 floods. The Basin is the world leader in CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (CO2 EOR) and has now produced over 1.5 billion barrels of EOR oil. Give us a call or contact us using the form on the lower right, and let’s figure out if we can help you or connect you with someone who can. We look forward to working with you.

Melzer Consulting


Steve Melzer - Founder C02 Specialist

Melzer Consulting has a long history of working in the CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) industry. In addition to keeping close watch on the CO2 market dynamics, they consult for a variety of commercial clients and governmental organizations on the technical and business aspects of the rapidly growing field of CO2 EOR.


Redefining Hydrocarbon

Steve Melzer had a new article published in CryoGas International for April 2013 titled "Redefining World Hydrocarbon Resources... Once Again."
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About Melzer Consulting

Not every oil field is suitable for CO2 EOR. Melzer Consulting has a case history tested reservoir expertise that can examine the suitability of a field for CO2 flooding. Their business background can then place these findings into a business model for adding reserves or expanding a company’s mission into the fields of CO2. Their intimacy with CO2 sourcing can assist with co-location of CO2 sources, with CO2 EOR opportunities, or geologic CO2 storage.

Through their role in planning and directing the annual CO2 Flooding Conference each December, they know all the experienced and active producers, service and consulting companies in the CO2 world. If not the right company for your specific project, they can assist you with finding the right group to fit your needs. For example, for reservoir simulation studies, they will rely upon several associates depending on what technique or simulator software is needed. For CO2 flood equipment, production and facility operations design, flood operations, or even CO2 policy issues, they have liaisons with consulting companies specializing in CO2.


Net Utilization of CO<sub>2</sub> in all Permian Basin CO<sub>2</sub> Floods